Team Members

Abigayil Tamara, Justin Yim, Vivek Atmuri, Ruth Stirrup, Susan Chen,
Cody Brown, Aanya Kutty


An App that helps those with bipolar disorder and a strict diet to track their nutrient intake, and maintain a consistent and reliable schedule to not only improve their macular degeneration but also for her overall health.


Team Members

Anna Peterson, Riya Ahir, Anushka Sanjeev, Nicholas Gellerman, Avani Ahuja, Adam Weizman


An App that allows those with medical conditions to track their symptoms all in one place.

Pet In Shape

Team Members

Claire McTiernan, Aden Zhao, Dorcus Lara, Thea Dai, Wayne Zong, Anavi Bhushan Nugyal 


We created an app that helps people who dislike working out with exercise by incentivizing them to take care of a digital pet, and also focuses on making the app acessible to everyone.


Team Members

Deb Young, Advik Viswanath, Joshua Yin, Analisa Delgado, Kenzie Carty, Vivian Zhao, Andrew Millsap 


An App that helps those with low mobility in their fingers to access all cooking materials with ease.


Team Members

Donna Fox, Welton Wang, Diya Bengani, Neil Gadagkar, Hedy Friedman, Anushi Mandelecha


An App that enables those with rheumatoid arthritis or limited range of motion in their digits to organize their events clearly and comfortably.

Busy Bee

Team Members

Emily Block, Hiba Sheikh, Aditya Kishore, Siavash Hassibi, Juliana Flores, Brandon Gonzalez


An App that allows those with ADHD or other attention deficits to have an interactive “journal”, where they can record common data like symptoms, meal plans, physical therapy plans, and reminders.


Team Members

Erin, Ethan, Liliane, Quincy, Josh, Maya, Caitlyn


An App that enables those with physical disabilities to log and give personal ratings to buildings near them. They can then refer back to their ratings to recall which buildings are most accessible.


Team Members

Aqib Abdullah, Arjun Khosla, Georgia Blaney, Flynn Coyne, Jack Lee, Ethan Kuhn


An App that allows Gina to find businesses and events to support that follow ADA guidelines and can accommodate for people with disabilities.

Planning Together

Team Members

Jamie Jazdyk, Ava Rathenberg, Daniel Ravel, Sarina Mayya, Simran Gupta, Zachary Ebilane, Jacky Yiu Chung


An app that allows people that can not drive have an easier time traveling to events with friends by sending notifications to all selected contacts at the same time to request transportation. 


Team Members

Lamin Swann, Alyssa Yao, Mia Ravishankar, Mya Watson, Ethan Cheng, Matteo Santagata, Janice Choi


An App that enables those with disabilities to access bus stops more easily.


Team Members

Macaulay Dow, Ansley Tsai, Cailyn Kim, Steven Xiao, Sawaka Yanagi, Jeffrey Odia


An App that helps those with trouble comprehending and/or remembering things.

Task Breaker

Team Members

Maria Gurriere, Hemali, Ahmed, Jennifer, Miles, Jubbies


An App that helps those with cerebral palsy to better visualize tasks at hand to approach them easier.

Easy Organizer

Team Members

Kayleigh, Girish, Abhinav, Kyle, Lucas Tran


An App that helps those with executive functioning issues to remember their medical scheduling and coordination.

Sisterhood Of Martha

Team Members

Martha, Araika, Seth, Jeff, Miles, Karan, Lucia


An App that enables those with SMA to run tasks for caregivers.


Team Members

Michele Lee, Ella Blanco, Sam Kitchener, Mecham Lopez, Kesi Gana, Robin Young, Micheal Wang


A navigating app for people on wheelchairs.


Team Members

Michelle Sajous, Colm Gaynor, Andrew Mao, Dario Ghamgosar, Aditi Ghosh, Tara Sardana, Mirna Kamel


An app that allows those with disabilities to be sure of accessibility in their city.


Team Members

Josie O’Hara, Jonathan Pan, Davae Lynch, Ishan Panchamia, Amogh, Serene Gao


An App that helps people with hearing impairments or unfamiliar with complex technology.


Team Members

Rachel Malone, Avery Neuner, Shreyas Jena, Sahil Virani, Daniella Henderson, Rohan Panchal, Steve Hwang


An app that allows those who are paraplegic to organize and spread relevant information about their situation to others so that they can recieve the right help. It incorperates different organizational features so that a user can have all relevant data in one place. It allows the user to research different grants (related to their disability) as well as different wheelchair parts, and save them in a designated area.

Sodium Saver

Team Members

Sarah Hale, Ryan Wang, Anu Thakur, Dar Daniel, Sanghee Jun, Conner Richardson, Steven Snell


An accessible diet tracking app that allows those with Meniere’s disease and visual impairments to track their sodium intake.


Team Members

Sky Schwindt, Madelyn Obana, Ethan Chang, Perry McElhinney, Anaken McIntosh, Abinav, Weihan Wang


An App that helps those with limited hand movement track their nutrition more easily because of its enlarged features.


Team Members

Violet,  Rohan, Oakley, Nikhil, Ashley, Ash, Zaynab


A med tracker and reminder app for anyone who needs to take medication.